Miami Vice Fest Five

It’s Re-Run Theater's fifth annual celebration of all things MIAMI VICE. Pounding synth scores, rock video direction, bright pastel clothing, sun drenched beaches, bikinis, sports cars, sweat and sizzling neon nights!

We’ve got two knockout episodes from the first season lined up:  “Smuggler’s Blues” guest starring the late Eagles frontman Glenn Frey as an ace airplane pilot who asks no questions when Crockett and Tubbs show up to move large quantities of a certain white powdery elixir in order to expose a serial killer who’s knocking off drug dealers.

Then it’s “No Exit” starring Bruce Willis as a reprehensible, wife beating arms dealer who’s bringing in a large cache of rocket launchers and uzis to supply Miami’s warring gangs. Crockett believes the battered spouse may become an ally if it means putting away her abusive husband though she may have plans of her own.

As always, gloriously over the top 80s commercials will be displayed at every break, showcasing the likes of Lionel Richie and Debbie Harry. We encourage everyone to wear your best tropical shirts and yes…wine coolers will be served!


Thursday, July 28