Miss Leslie's Dolls

Repressed Cinema presents a 35mm print of MISS LESLIE’S DOLLS. Vintage exploitation trailers before the movie.

MISS LESLIE’S DOLLS (1973) Three attractive University students and their teacher seek refuge in a house on a dark and stormy night. Much blood is shed as the house is occupied by a strange “Miss Leslie” who keeps the visitors in her basement and calls them her “dolls”. Brought to you by the same director as “All Men Are Apes” (another Repressed favorite), this extremely rare and largely forgotten rough exploitation film has never been released on video. The Boxoffice review from 1973 called the film “grim” (surprise!) and the direction “handled most capably.” Do not miss your chance to see this rare take on the dark and stormy night theme which has plenty of bizzare twists along the way on the big screen!

Underground comics or sale in the lobby, as usual.


Wednesday, January 21