MMU: The Evolution of Ellen Ripley

Over the course of four films, Sigourney Weaver's iconic character began as a gender-swapped survivor, transformed into a mother warrior, and ultimately re-emerged as an alien-human hybrid. Join Hollywood Theatre Community Programmer and Queer Horror host Anthony Hudson in charting the transformation of this legendary sci-fi/horror heroine across four films—from the first film's assault allegory to the motherhood foisted upon her by James Cameron in its sequel, culminating in a re-evaluation of the much-maligned fourth film in the series, in which Ripley reasserts her agency in what just might be the most feminist entry yet.

Classes will be held at the Movie Madness Miniplex (4320 SE Belmont), and will consist of a lecture, a film screening, and an instructor-led discussion. Classes begin January 10 and will be held Mondays in January at 7:00pm. (Please note that there is no class on Jan 3.) Proof of vaccination and masks are required for all students and instructors.

“I really liked having somewhere to go every week to watch a movie with other movie nerds and talk about it afterwards. The topic is what drew me in, but the community was what I loved most!” - Happy MMU student

Tuition is $75 for the four-week class, $60 for Hollywood Theatre and Movie Madness Members. Class size will be limited to 18.

This class will be taught by Anthony Hudson (Confederated Tribes of Grand Ronde)—a multidisciplinary artist, writer, filmmaker, performer, and host of the Hollywood’s wildly popular series Queer Horror. Anthony also co-hosts the weekly queer feminist horror podcast Gaylords of Darkness with legendary horror writer Stacie Ponder. Find out more at and crawl into the crypt at



Monday, April 11