Movies in B/W: Soul Man in Hecklevision

Mark, being a rich white dude, steals a scholarship meant for black students. 1986’s SOUL MAN is the story of one white man’s appropriation and mockery of black culture as he attends Harvard Law School – presented as a comedy. The film provides an eclectic cast of celebs including: C. Thomas Howell, Rae Dawn Chong, Leslie Nielsen, Julia Louis-Dreyfus and James Earl Jones.

The movie’s shocking premise is only furthered by its atrocious use of stereotypes. That leads us to wonder: Why did this film get made? What purpose does it serve? These questions and more are sure to be investigated when Hecklevision and Movies in Black & White team up to present this special screening.

Movies in Black & White is a screening series bringing people together to watch movies and talk about race, featuring guest panelists from the worlds of film, art, and comedy. Hecklevision presents films using MuVChat technology instantly displaying the audiences’ heckles, jokes, and commentary onto the big screen via text!

Join our guests Dan Weber, Jon Washington, Zak Toscani, Becky Braunstein, Brandon Lyons, Carolyn Main, Marcus Coleman, and Amber Clenaghen for jokes and discussion as Soul Man is an ideal movie to dissect, question, ridicule and shake your head at!



Friday, August 12