Muerte Es Vida (Death Is Life)

Series: Portland EcoFilm Festival

Saturday, October 22 at 2:00pm  |  $6  |

Oregon Premiere!

MUERTE ES VIDA (DEATH IS LIFE) (2016): Monarch butterflies have brought hope to people in the darkest times of loss. In Mexico, when they arrive for Day of the Dead, they are thought to be souls of the departed.  MUERTE ES VIDA is a documentary about the connection between death and nature. The film’s central Mexican character, Sabino, believes the millions of Monarch butterflies that arrive every year are the souls of departed family members coming back to visit as they arrive in time for Day of the Dead after an epic journey from Canada and the Northern United States. On their migration south they have touched people at their darkest hour of losing a loved one. We meet seven people, from Canada to Mexico, and see how each have dealt with their loss. This film is an honest and human view of loss and shows how Mexican culture deals with death.

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