Mystery Themed Double Feature

Series: Repressed Cinema

Repressed Cinema presents a MYSTERY THEMED DOUBLE FEATURE: The Intruder (1933) & Dimension of Blood (1996).

THE INTRUDER (1933) In this very rare, tightly paced pre-code whodunnit with supernatural overtones, a murder is committed aboard a cruise ship just before it sinks in a storm. The survivors, including the killer, land on a mysterious jungle island. Do not miss the strange inhabitants they encounter! Presented on 16mm, 60min.

Dimension of Blood (1996) Directed by Joe Sherlock. Dr. Thomas Mobius is curious about some strange lifeforms brought into his lab for study. He enlists the aid of Rachel Roundtree to uncover their origins. Soon, bodies are dropping around them as they uncover government conspiracy and hints of a other-dimensional invasion. The Man in Black keeps appearing and leaving a bloody trail in his wake. Can Mobius and Rachel find out the secret before it's too late?! Presented on video, 35min.

Oregon's own director Joe Sherlock has made over 30 unique low budget movies and has been called the Fred Olen Ray of the Pacific Northwest. Joe will be in attendance and introduce the movie.

Assistive Listening
16mm, Video