Nepalese ReBuild Fundraiser

Series: Rental Event

Sunday, October 25 at 5pm  |  $10

The earthquakes of April 25 and May 12, 2015, hit Nepal so strongly that thousands of villages were devastated.  Up to 90% of the clinics and schools in some districts were rendered unusable. More than 100 resulting aftershocks were recorded over 4.0 magnitude.

This locally-organized fundraiser for relief efforts in Nepal begins with a brief slideshow of recent Nepalese ReBuild fundraising outreach & events. Some key volunteers will be recognized.  Several of these volunteers are outstanding youth in our community–who collected money & sold T-shirts, set up a stand and sold lemonade, personally solicited friends, relatives–all to help Nepalese who have been so negatively impacted by the earthquakes.  The money they collected was given to Nepalese ReBuild.

In the short film, "Massive Earthquake," Mr. A.C. Sherpa, Chairperson of the nonprofit Seven Summits Foundation, shows the people of Nepal after two earthquakes and many aftershocks. Mr. Sherpa interviews victims of these massive earth movements. They share their own stories of how they have been affected.  Also included are interviews with key representatives from Nepal’s Earthquake Measurement Centre, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Education, and Department of Archaeology.

Prior to the film, young dancers from the local Nepali community will perform for your entertainment and raffle tickets can be purchased for the chance to win donated prizes.  The drawing will be held following the move.

Your attendance at this event will help the Nepalese to rebuild their country.  The net ticket proceeds from this movie presentation will be shared equally by the nonprofits Nepalese ReBuild and 7 Summits Foundation. Other fundraising collections and donations will go directly to Nepalese ReBuild.

7 Summits Foundation : Funds are targeted to reconstruct 8,000 schools, including the secondary school in Solukhumbu district, that were destroyed in the earthquake.
Nepalese ReBuild : Funds are targeted to aid vulnerable children who were orphaned by the earthquakes. Nepalese ReBuild is concerned about trafficking gangs luring children and young girls, made homeless by the earthquake in Nepal, with the promise of jobs in India and beyond. All too often these young people can end up in appalling conditions, tied into a life of hard labor or exploitative sex work.



Monday, October 26