Never Cry Wolf

Sunday, March 8 at 6:30pm  |  $10 general, $35 film and reception VIP tickets  |
Presented in partnership with the Portland Columbia Symphony Orchestra!

NEVER CRY WOLF (1983): A young biologist (played by Charles Martin Smith) is sent to the Canadian tundra to study the impact of wolves on the caribou population. While struggling to survive in the difficult environment, he discovers that his former beliefs about wolves as ruthless killers are unfounded. While the delicate Northern ecosystem may be in peril, it’s not wolves who are the threat—it’s humans.

NEVER CRY WOLF also uses the bassoon as an important motif. The score, composed by Mark Isham, is almost entirely bassoon. The sounds of the bassoon parallel the howls of the wolves, and in one scene, the bassoon is even used as a weapon to fend off wolves.

Before the film, two of Oregon’s great bassoonists will take the stage: Mark Eubanks and Keith Buncke. Eubanks served as principal bassoonist with the Oregon Symphony from 1978 to 2011 and currently leads the quartet The Bassoon Brothers. Buncke is a Lake Oswego native and Portland Youth Philharmonic alumnus who, at the age of 15, became principal bassoonist with Portland Columbia Symphony Orchestra. He has just been appointed principal bassoonist with the world-class Chicago Symphony Orchestra at the remarkable age of 21 and is regarded as one of his generation’s best woodwind musicians. Buncke returns to Oregon to star in the Portland Columbia Symphony Orchestra‘s March 13 & 15 concert, playing works by Villa Lobos and Carl Maria von Weber.


Monday, March 9