Ninja Zombies Screening + Q&A with Director

The independent feature film, Ninja Zombies , is the story of Dameon, an irresponsible slacker geek, who begins having nightmares - flashes from the life of a samurai on the run and a sword that can raise the dead. When he finds a chest containing clues about his family’s mysterious past, he realizes that the evil sword is real and the samurai was his ancestor. Now Dameon and his roommates --the geeky Luke, the frat boys G and Lar-Dawg, the morbid goth-girl Kara, and the suburban princess Trish-- must band together if they want to survive as ninja zombies hunt them down. Can Dameon grow up in time to accept the power of his ancestor and his responsibility to save the world?

Ninja Zombies' director, Noah Cooper, studied film at Yale before getting a law degree and then returned to his true passion of filmmaking. Arun Storrs, an Oregonian native, studied with Cooper at Yale and majored in Theater Studies. She plays the supporting actress role of Kara, who is responsible for raising the dead. Storrs now runs a non-profit to help the orphanage she was adopted from in Nepal called, The Kumari Project ( ). All profits from the screening will go to support The Kumari Project’s initiatives.

With a true indie-film budget raised on, the crew began the five months of filming, putting in twelve hour days in temperatures over 100 degrees. After braving mosquito bites, wasp stings, sword stabs, baseball bats to the head, fractured bones, and clothes and hair sticky with red dye and maple syrup, the cast and crew accomplished what some thought to be impossible -- a feature length “bromaction horror comedy” was in the can and on an unheard of shoestring budget. Ninja Zombies stays true to Cooper’s signature style, where he merges colloquial humor, intense action sequences with trained martial artists, and an ethnically diverse cast that reflects the true make up of American’s audiences.


Tuesday, August 2