North of Blue

Series: Rental Event

Indie animation queen Joanna Priestley has jumped off the deep end of the image pool into a luscious, mind-bending, abstract animated feature. The film began in the boreal winter landscape of the far north where Priestley was filmmaker-in-residence in Dawson City, Yukon, Canada. Tonight’s program will include the world premiere of NORTH OF BLUE with Priestley on hand to present a special slide show that features the Yukon.

Drawing inspiration from natural landscapes, NORTH OF BLUE explores the relationships of form, line, color and pattern while experimenting with shifting focal points. Conventional icons are deconstructed, creating shapes that spark a sense of connection and shared history and scenes rhythmically transmogrify from exploding geometric constructs to sublime trance-inducing patterns. Jamie Haggerty's extraordinary music and sound design, with additional sound effects by Chris Barber, provide both a dense soundscape and melodic compliment to Priestley's ever evolving animation. Brian Kinkley created the title design and experimental paint effects

60 minutes