Nosotros Los Pobres

Series: Cinescopio

Thursday, March 5 at 7:30pm  |  $8  |

Filmed in 1948, NOSOTROS LOS POBRES is perhaps one of the most iconic of Pedro Infante’s films and the first installment of the trilogy of Pepe “El Toro.” It marks the beginning of the cinematic collaboration with celebrated Mexican director Ismael Rodriguez. A drama, Nosotros Los Pobres launched Infante’s career as a leading man in Mexican cinema iconizing the character Pepe “El Toro” (Pepe “The Bull”)—a handsome, debonair working class hero who struggles and endures life’s trials and tribulations. Set in a vecindario (a working class neighborhood), Pepe is a poor, honest carpenter and single father raising his daughter to the best of his abilities. Family secrets, gossipmongers and the occasional break out into song, this film entertains with moments of high melodrama, comedy and tragedy. It is in this movie the song Amorcito Corazon found its place within the hearts of Latin American audiences.

This film is part of our Cinescopio film series presented in partnership with Fusionarte. Devoted to screening Latin American classic cinema from the Golden Era of Film, Cinescopio is a winter festival that will screen three movies on Thursday March 5th, Saturday March 28th (matinee) and Wednesday April 15th.


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