NW Animation Fest - Sunday Night

NW Animation Fest concludes on Sunday night with several of this year's very best films. Here's some of what you'll see: An astronaut crash lands on a strange planet and can't escape without help from an enigmatic alien being… A harried London barkeep watches as her patrons begin morphing into animals… Forbidden love between young lovers sets an entire city ablaze in classical Japan… Four outlaw divas lead the police on an truly unbelievable car chase… A doomed fish sings its own operatic requiem on the way to the frying pan. Featured films include "Marcel, King of Tervuren" awn.com 's "best animation film of 2013") - and this year's most witty Oscar-finalist, "Fresh Guacamole."

(Two intermissions. Some mature themes.)

Join us afterwards for a post-festival party at the Moon & Sixpence.


NW Animation Fest is a variety show that celebrates the best new work from independent animators around the globe. With over 150 films, it's now the biggest animation festival in the USA.

This year's fest includes 2 afternoons and 3 evenings. Save $10 when you purchase an all-festival pass.



Monday, May 20