Of Bathtubs and Bikes: Thank You Carye Bye

The artist Carye Bye is moving to San Antonio. Over the past ten years in Portland she has run the Red Bat Press, formed the Hidden Portland Book Club, created Hidden Portland For the Curious, became known as “The Museum Lady”, led a bunch of interestingly themed bike rides, and hosted a show called “Bathlandia” at the Bath Tub Museum.

To say goodbye to Carye, film archivist Dennis Nyback will be showing 16mm films featuring bathtubs and bikes.

One Week (1920)  Buster Keaton builds a house. Sybil Seely takes a bath.

A Total Loss (1927) A Gump Family Film (almost all the Gump films are considered lost). Andy and Min Gump  driving a nascent motor home (A house on a 20’s truck chassis) in a cross country auto race. Their son Chester Takes the bath.

Dream House (1932) A Bing Crosby musical short made for the Sennett Co. Bing takes a bath.

Cyklisten (1958)  Buster Larsen, Henning Carlson. A very sweet bike film made in Denmark.



Tuesday, March 22