OMSI Science Pub: Beyond the Limits

Monday, December 7 at 7:00pm  |  $5 suggested donation at door  |

OMSI Science Pub presents:
Beyond the Limits
With Stacy Allison, the first American woman to climb Mt. Everest and Dr. Steve Boyer, retired ER Physician and Experienced Mountaineer

High mountains of the world present one of the most unforgiving environments on Earth. What does it take to survive arctic temperatures, hurricane force winds, or seemingly bottomless crevasses, when the life blood is being sucked out of you by the effects of altitude?

You’ve all seen the movies and read the books, tonight we’ll talk about what it really feels like to encounter the effects of stress and altitude on our minds and bodies. We will also discuss what to look for and how to monitor the effects of altitude in yourselves and others.

Join Stacy Allison, author, general contractor, motivational speaker, and the first American woman to summit Mt. Everest along with Dr. Steve Boyer, a member of the American Medical Research Expedition to Everest in 1981, and the only American to have summited Annapurna by its challenging South Face for our December Science Pub.



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