OMSI Science Pub: Humans and Clothing, How Comfortable Are We?

Humans and Clothing: How Comfortable Are We?
with Woody Blackford, Vice President of Innovation and Design at Columbia Sportswear

Humans adopted clothing an estimated 90,000 years ago. Adopting clothing was part of our evolution. It stems from our desire to adorn ourselves in a costume that defines us socially and our need for a functional tool that expands our climate boundaries.

90,000 years later it is roughly estimated we have made ourselves 20 trillion items of clothing. But how comfortable are we? Are we any better off then the rest of creatures we share the planet with?

In this talk, Woody will take us through clothing over time and changes at work that are allowing humans to go to the next level in how we live within climates. He will explain several new technologies Columbia has developed since 2008 that are pushing the boundaries of keeping us all Warm, Dry, Cool and Protected.

Woody Blackford’s name has appeared on dozens of patents, for everything from snag-resistant zippers to a patterned metallic clothing lining that reflects body heat. Blackford joined Columbia in 2005 as a Senior Apparel Designer and is now the VP of Innovation and Design. His work has lead to over 20 new technologies at Columbia and he has been featured in several publications including Portland Monthly , Ski Magazine , and Tradegood .

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Tuesday, March 4