OMSI Science Pub: The Clone Wars

Monday, April 6 at 7:00pm  |  $5 suggested donation at door  |

OMSI Science Pub Presents:
The Clone Wars: Is Human Cloning Double Trouble or a New Frontier in Bio-medicine?

with Carrie Hanna, PhD, reproductive physiologist, Oregon National Primate Research Center

Once believed to be possible only in science fiction, human cloning has become a reality in today’s world of science fact. From the birth of “Dolly” the sheep to production of cloned human embryonic stem cells, somatic cell nucleus transfer (SCNT) creates the potential for exciting scientific discovery and passionate debates on the morality of the human race. Just because we can, should we?  Is there a good reason to press “copy” on a human life?

In this talk, reproductive physiologist Carrie Hanna will introduce the science behind assisted reproductive technology (ART) and visually walk you through the process of generating a cloned embryo. She will share with you the colorful history of attempts at human cloning and present the latest concepts and advances in human medicine that propose the use of SCNT derived embryos. By the end of this discussion you may find the answer to whether or not we should clone humans is not so black and white.

Carrie Hanna, Ph.D. is a reproductive physiologist at the Oregon National Primate Research Center where she serves as the Associate Director for the Assisted Reproductive Technology Core and as the Scientific Support Manager for the Oregon Center for Research in Permanent Contraception.  She received both her M.S. and Ph.D. in reproductive physiology from Texas A&M University in College Station, Texas where she was part of the team that produced many cloned animal “firsts”, including the first cloned domestic cat, “Cc”.  Her current research emphasizes women’s health issues and is focused on development of non-hormonal methods of reversible contraceptives as well as non-surgical approaches to permanent contraception, particularly for women in low resource settings.

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