On Deadly Ground

Series: Hecklevision

ON DEADLY GROUND (1994) Steven Seagal stars as a concerned musclehead with a heart of gold who fights an evil oil corporation on behalf of a community of northern natives. This oil company is led by none other than Michael Caine, in one of his less prestigious roles. We’ve also got John C. McGinley as an oil company henchman, adding to his endless resume. Several other familiar faces from the stable of 90s character actors show up as well, including an early appearance from Billy Bob Thornton, complete with some of the stranger lines in the film. This movie features a bizarrely sincere environmental message that is delivered without any particular sense of subtlety. The evil oil corporation is bad and mean to the natives, and it’s gonna take some serious kickboxing and several explosions to make things right. Seagal’s allegiance with the natives is pretty emphasized, too. He even goes on a spirit journey. And all the tassels on his beaded leather jackets make it pretty clear as well.

This special screening is presented in HECKLEVISION: Through the magic of MuVChat technology, your jokes, heckles and commentary are encouraged – in TEXT form! Tap out your wittiest wisecracks with your phone and they’ll appear instantly on screen!

Guest comedians (to be announced) will join you for this uniquely hilarious screening!

Hecklevision is sponsored by Chipotle Mexican Grill. All attendees receive a free Chipotle entree card!



Sunday, March 20