One Flaming Arrow Youth Film Showcase

Sunday, July 31 at 1pm  |  $9 ($5 for elders/students/children)

One Flaming Arrow creates exposure for what contemporary Indigenous art forms can look, move, and sound like. Our goal is to promote, empower, educate, persevere, and heal through the creative and political acts of contemporary Indigenous Survivance. In 2016, One Flaming Arrow will screen films made by contemporary Indigenous artists, connecting filmmakers, and providing a platform for their work to reach wider audiences.

:::We have a limited number of FREE movie tickets for clients of NARA, Red Lodge and NAYA Students and Community members. Please email for more information.::

How Agate Pass Came to Be 2:14    Longhouse Media – Superfly

Suquamish Coastal America Film  2:59   Longhouse Media – Superfly

Redbird Saves The Corn 4:57     STAR School Media

Doo’ko’oosliid  9:44   STAR School Media

Guardians of The Waters 6:42 The Cultural Conservancy

“O”  (Black/White Version) 2:52   Longhouse Media – Superfly

Smoke That Travels 13:03     Kayla Briët

Seeds of Our Ancestors 11:36 The Cultural Conservancy



Sunday, July 31