Oregon Animation Industry: ShadowMachine

Wednesday, May 11 at 7:00pm  |  $9

ShadowMachine is best known for their shows on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim: Robot Chicken and TripTank , as well as the Netflix Original Series BoJack Horseman . They are currently in production on a new Comedy Central Show, Jeff and Some Aliens . Meet the company's brand new Portland venture: Northwest Shadow. Speakers from the just-opened studio will offer a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the making of their iconic pop-culture sensations, and what lies on the horizon. Q&A with the audience follows.

As preface to Northwest Shadow's talk, NW Animation Fest will showcase a brief selection of clips from Oregon's other commercial animation studios. You may be surprised to learn which bands & brands owe their slick music videos, advertisements, and VFX to local talent!


The Northwest Animation Festival (May 9-15) showcases visionary worlds of fantasy, unforgettable stories, and outlandish oddities from around the globe. See the year's best international shorts, selected from over 1300 submissions. Explore seven special topic screenings. Participate in conversations with filmmakers. Play at late night after-parties. If you're an animation-lover, this is the must-see event of 2016!

For the complete festival schedule, please visit: www.nwanimationfest.com .



Thursday, May 12