Out of Order

Series: POW Film Fest

OUT OF ORDER is a groundbreaking feature documentary revealing the complex and painful struggles faced by lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer (LGBTQ) faith leaders as they confront entrenched bigotry and work to build loving support within their churches. The leaders of this movement are young LGBTQ people of faith claiming a place in their church pulpits — and recognition in the everyday moments of church life.

Director Amanda Bluglass is an award-winning British director and producer. She has a strong visual eye and instinctive feeling for soun d and music. Her directing credits include internationally recognized, multi- award-winning short documentaries.

ESCAPING AGRA: Trapped in India after his parents take away his passport when they discovered his transgender identity, Indian-born and U.S.-raised Naveen Bhat just wants to get back home to life as a UC Davis student. This documentary short follows Naveen's fight to make his way home to California and piece his life back together. At the heart of Naveen’s story is an exploration of the idea that gender identity and sexual orientation are fundamental to the right of self-determination, dignity and freedom of individuals.

Please note: Naveen, whose gender is non-binary, uses neutral (they/them) and sometimes masculine (he/him) pronouns.

Director Pallavi Somusetty is an award-winning documentary filmmaker and video journalist, and a recent graduate of UC Berkeley’s J-School. She films and edits important stories for media outlets and clients, and in her spare time she fills up her phone with photos of her kid. 

Out of Order