Paper Circus

Wednesday, April 1 at 7:30pm  |  $8  |

Animated films by Luca Dipierro

Screening with live soundtrack by Father Murphy with Luca Dipierro
Art and animation: Luca Dipierro
Music: Father Murphy with Luca Dipierro

Described as “a perfect mix between creepy and charming” by the Huffington Post, the films of Luca Dipierro are carnivalesque tales of acrobacy and death, both sorrowful and comical. This startlingly dedicated artist uses a wide variety of mediums for his adventures in cut-out animation: paper, fabric, dirt, wood, thread, hair, paint — and moves his cut-outs on the surfaces of discarded book covers to tell stories of trees growing out of furniture, stranded Columbus-like explorers, puppet funerals, monkeys, prestidigitators, ghosts, and a woman birthing a fish.

Join us for Luca’s latest shorts collection PAPER CIRCUS (60 min), with live soundtracks performed by the filmmaker himself with experimental Italian band Father Murphy — one of the leading bands of what Simon Reynolds (author, Rip It Up And Start Again, Retromania) has termed the “new Italian occult psychedelia.” With their orchestrated flow of sounds, music and foley, the result is a hybrid tapestry that braids elements of songwriting, sound collage and theater.



Thursday, April 2