PDX B-Movies hosted by David Walker

When most people think of independent films produced in Portland, they think of movies like Gus Van Sant’s Drugstore Cowboy and James Westby’s Film Geek. But what about Tom Shaw, “the Ed Wood of Portland,” and his film The Courier of Death ? What about Rockaday Richie and the Queen of the Hop , the first locally produced feature film to get international, theatrical distribution? What about Fatal Revenge, Unhinged, Brainsmasher, Iron Heart and all the other long-forgotten B-movies made in Portland? Join local critic, historian, and filmmaker David Walker as he hosts a one-night-only showcase of films made in Portland, but seldom seen by the public. It will be an informative and entertaining night of both art and schlock, as Walker presents a collection of trailers, clips and personal commentary highlighting the Best and Worst of PDX B-Movies.



Monday, December 5