PDX Motorcycle Film Festival 2018 FRIDAY

Friday night films start at 6:30 p.m. Tickets for Friday night are $15

You can also buy a pass for both nights of the festival, show your support for OMRRA racing, and meet filmmakers and hear the Q&A at the Saturday afternoon party by going here.

Each night includes two feature films and a selection of short films. The Friday night line-up is:

Short 1: "The One Motorcycle Show 2017" —A short look at one of Portland’s premier motorcycle events.

Short 2: "A.K.A Brokentooth - Canada's Ice Road Biker" —A unique vacation in extreme Canadian conditions.

Short 3: "South of the Wall" —Two Americans explore Mexico off the beaten path.

Short 4: "Street Racers" —A look at the illegal motorcycle culture of the Dominican Republic as teens take over the streets.

Feature 1: 50 YEARS - THE STORY OF THURSDAY NIGHT MOTOCROSS —The storied history of PIR’s own Thursday Night Motocross.

Short 5: "The Sobbing Scooterist" —Not getting a wave can drive you to tears.

Short 6: "Two Wheels - One Love" —Andy DiBrino shares his love of motorcycling.

Short 7: "The American Wall of Death" —A rare look at the oldest running cycle wall of death.

Feature 2: CHASING EVEL: THE ROBBIE KNIEVEL STORY —An unvarnished look at one of the world’s greatest daredevils. 

The Portland Motorcycle Film Festival showcases motorcycle filmmaking and dedicates all funds raised to the purchase of Air Fence and safety equipment at Portland International Raceway by the Oregon Motorcycle Road Racing Association. 

See PDXmotorcyclefilms.com for more info.