Pee Wee's Big Adventure presented by Fleur de Lethal

There are a few things we are fond of in this town-movies, beer and dressing in silly costumes to name a few. But the bicycle-oh, the bicycle- how we love the bicycle! It is with our love of two wheeled chariots in mind that Fleur de Lethal Cinematheque brings Pee Wee’s Big Adventure to its new home at The Hollywood Theatre for the 4th Annual Pee Wee’s Big Weekend! In keeping with tradition, we provide 2 screenings- A late night for big kids and a family friendly matinee. As with all Fleur de Lethal screenings the movie is only HALF the show! This year, bust out your gray suits and Amazing Larry Hawaiian shirts to enter our costume contest, limber up your toes for the “tequila” dance off and win the cup for best Pee Wee impersonation! FdL screenings are always interactive so shout, cheer and boo along as we follow our pal Pee Wee on his big adventure.



Saturday, June 2