Pepe "El Toro"

Series: Cinescopio

Wednesday, April 15 at 7:30pm  |  $8  |

The last of the Pepe “El Toro” saga (also directed by Ismael Rodriguez), this film continues the story of Pepe “El Toro.” Through a series of events, he reunites with childhood friend and famed boxer named Lalo Gallardo. Winning his trust, Pepe borrows money from him to build a furniture factory and make a better life for himself. Once Pepe sets up shop and begins to pay back his debt, city officials close down his factory and take away all his equipment. Penniless, he decides to take on boxing to make money on the side. He finds success as a boxer creating a following of devoted fans only to find himself in a fateful stand off in the boxing ring between him and his faithful friend, Lalo Gallardo.


Thursday, April 16