Peripheral Produce: Autocinematic Video Mix Tape, Pre-release Party and Screening Event

The Peripheral Produce AUTO-CINEMATIC Video Mix Tape, originally released on VHS tape in 1996 and out of print for many years, featured early work from local experimental filmmakers Miranda July, Vanessa Renwick, Jon Raymond, Matt McCormick and many others.  Now re-mastered on DVD, Peripheral Produce is happy to announce the re-release of that title along with a screening event/release party at Portland’s Hollywood Theatre that will feature classic films from the DVD alongside a selection of new local experimental work.

The August 4th show will feature seminal Portland works along with a selection of new works from Portland’s fast rising “next generation” of experimental filmmakers. The show and DVD features acclaimed artist and filmmaker Miranda July’s 1996 video Atlanta.  Atlanta was July’s first significant video piece, and shows the makings of her sharp sense of humor and attention to detail found in her later blockbuster works (Me and You and Everyone We Know, The Future).  The show and DVD also include writer/filmmaker Jon Raymond’s 1997 piece Battles on the Astral Plane, a clever mocking of the popular Mortal Kombat video game that shows Raymond’s crafty, self-effacing wit that can still be found in his books and screenplays (Wendy and Lucy, Meek’s Cutoff, Livability).  Vanessa Renwick, Chel White, Rob Tyler and Matt McCormick also offer works from early in their career.  Also included in the program is new works from NW Film Festival winner Orland Nutt and TBA darling Ashley Lee Collinson, as well as work from Stephen Slappe, Andrew Blubaugh, Ben Popp, Jim Blashfield, and many others.

From the mid 90s to the late 00s, Peripheral Produce was the corner stone of Portland’s experimental film community.  Started by Matt McCormick in 1996, Peripheral Produce was a screening series, a video distribution label, and the force behind the PDX Film Festival.  Local artists such as Miranda July, Vanessa Renwick, and Jon Raymond cut their teeth at Peripheral Produce while Portland audiences were treated to unique cinematic events that ranged from film-projector-performances to “communal View-Master experiences.”


Sunday, August 5