Plan B

Series: Queer Commons Film Festival

Wednesday, September 14 at 7:30pm  |  $9  |

When scruffy 20something Bruno is dumped by his girlfriend, he begins plotting cold, sweet vengeance. He befriends his ex’s new boyfriend, with the idea of eroding the couple’s relationship—but along the way, the possibility of a more effective plan arises, one which will put his own sexuality into question….

“In PLAN B, the debut film from Argentinean director Marco Berger, fluid sexuality becomes the impetus for a Shakespearean comedy of errors.”

“This is an actor’s film. Berger trusts his actors and they both deliver. Each of the scenes, in which they get closer together, is a small masterpiece of subtlety. It’s all in the eyes, the body language and the awkward silences.” –


Thursday, September 15