Polly: The Mystery of Bonney’s Canyon

2014 Telly Award Winner

Join the cast and crew at the Portland premiere screening of Polly: The Mystery of Bonney's Canyon , the most cinematic book trailer ever produced. Directed by Randolph Sellars and produced by Irl Davis, see amazing performances by Paige McKenzie, Mercedes Rose, Adrienne Vogel, Michael Joseph Draper, Tyson Dailey, and Lindsae Klein.

Inside Portland magazine said this about Polly, “Sellars did not simply raise the bar for promoting fiction novels, he completely shattered the ceiling. Polly is the Citizen Kane of book trailers.” Considered the highest production valued book trailer, this free event will include behind the scenes video as well as Q&A with the filmmakers.

THE BOOK: Based on stories passed down over generations, Polly: The Mystery of Bonney’s Canyon is an easy-to-read adventure encompassing over 150 years of legend. Set in the late 1800's, this exciting tale takes readers on a thrilling journey as Polly struggles to find the people that have wronged her, and set everything right once and for all. Loosely based on historical fact, this exciting story is laden with action-packed, revenge-filled adventure that will keep readers glued to every page.

THE TRAILER: Polly, staring Paige McKenzie ( Hunting of Sunshine Girl ) as Polly and Mercedes Rose ( The Haunting of Sunshine Girl, Train Master, Hope ) as Siobhan. We will have the public screening of this fantastic trailer on February 8, 2014, at the Hollywood Theater in Portland, Oregon. The filming of the trailer was on the original Davis ranch which included Polly’s original homestead. Besides the trailer, you can take a look at some BEHIND THE SCENES FOOTAGE here.



Saturday, March 29