Portland Horror Film Festival 2018 - Saturday

Films 12:30-5 pm

  • Short Films Block 6
  • THE LAPLACE'S DEMON (feature)
This afternoon’s program serves up a selection of Short Films ranging from Serial Killers to Vampires, Ghosts, and Monsters! Films are different each night. Be sure to get a full festival pass if you want to see everything!

THE LAPLACE’S DEMON: from Italian writer and director Giordano Giulivi. This feature chiller follows a group of researchers, invited to an isolated mansion by a mysterious professor, who become unwitting participants in a highly calculated experiment. This tense dive into the nature of free will is a thrill-ride of sight and sound!

See the full schedule, film descriptions, and guests for each day at http://portlandhorrorfilmfestival.com

Portland Horror - Saturday 2018