Portland Horror Film Festival - 2016

Wednesday & Thursday, June 1-2 at 6:30pm  |  Individual Day Passes $20

THE PORTLAND HORROR FILM FESTIVAL is committed to bringing the best independent short and feature length horror films to the best movie-watching audience in the world! PHFF was created by Brian and Gwen Callahan (also the Directors of the H.P. LOVECRAFT FILM FESTIVAL).

It’s no secret that some of the best horror films being made are low-budget, independent films, but they can be hard to find and once they’re out of the festival circuit, some can’t be seen anywhere else. For two nights only, we’re bringing them to you on the big screen. You’ll see films made by everyone from (young) students to seasoned professionals, running the gamut from hauntings to demons to serial killers to zombies.

The Films:


DAYLIGHT'S END (United States): This is the Pacific Northwest PREMIERE of the post-apocalyptic action horror starring Johnny Strong (BLACK HAWK DOWN) and Lance Henriksen (ALIENS).

THE DARK TAPES (United States): Pacific Northwest Premiere! It's the spookiest and smartest found footage horror anthology film we've seen recently, and you can be the first audience in this part of the world to live through the nightmare. Starring up-and-coming actors such as Brittany Underwood ( Hollywood Heights , One Life To Live ), Cortney Palm (SUSHI GIRL, ZOMBEAVERS), and Emilia Ares Zoryan ( Bosch ).

PLUS more than two dozen short films from around the world, including Egypt, Spain, France, Italy, Iran, Canada, Taiwan, the Netherlands, the UK, and the US! Experience the works of tomorrow's big horror directors - like 10-year-old director/screenwriter Fiona Fright in Daddy Dearest, female Iranian filmmaker Zahra Jafari with Hunting, Portland filmmaker Christoff Molesworth with The Bends and many more - they're just getting started!


• 616 (United Kingdom)
• Agochare (Egypt)
• An Affair of 7 Nights (Taiwan)
• Blurred Vision (United States)
• Clear Toxic (United States)
• Count (United States)
• Daddy Dearest (United States)
• Eat (United Kingdom)
• Eternal Coma, 1994 (United States)
• Exposure (Spain)
• Hada (Spain)
• Here Be Monsters (United States)
• HUNTING (Iran)
• Hypogeum (Italy)
• Knob Goblins (United States)
• Knock Knock! (France)
• Kurayami no Wa (????) (Canada)
• Larry Gone Demon (United States)
• Last Caller (United States)
• Midnight Macabre (United States)
• Mirrored (United States)
• Motto (United Kingdom)
• Mr.Dentonn (Spain)
• Pigskin (United States)
• Polterheist (United Kingdom)
• The Barber's Cut (United Kingdom)
• The Bends (United States)
• Woods (Netherlands)

For more info, film descriptions, and updated program info, please visit: https://portlandhorrorfilmfestival.com .

PHFF was created by Brian and Gwen Callahan, (also the Directors of the H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival). Each year, hundreds of fantastic films get submitted, but not all of them fit the Lovecraftian or Weird Tale paradigm. We decided it was time for a more general Horror Film festival to showcase the incredible things filmmakers are doing despite having small budgets. Some of the best horror filmmaking today is being done outside of the big studios, and we’re here to celebrate that!



Friday, June 3