Portland Music Video Festival

The 5th annual Portland Music Video Festival is returning with an exciting showcase of the work of musicians and filmmakers from Portland and around the world!

The festival’s programmers considered hundreds of videos from more than 30 countries to curate a program that explores widely varying approaches to interpreting music for the visual medium. Many of the featured videos come from Portland artists and filmmakers who will be on hand for a Q&A session after the screening. 

The Portland Music Video Festival is one of only a handful of festivals in the world dedicated exclusively to the art and craft of music video production. Nearly all music videos are viewed only online, and on phone screens measuring only a few inches. The Portland Music Video Festival provides the rare opportunity to see these works on a big screen and with amazing sound. The festival is committed to celebrating the art of the music video, and nurturing the great partnership between the music and filmmaking communities in Portland and around the globe. 

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