Potty Talk: Series 2

Potty Talk: Series 2 is the second season of smart, social comedy from Potty Talk. Join us for our silver screen premiere for seven comedy sketches that lampoon the stereotypes that define and confine women. Series 2 features sketches about: the polite way to share a toilet seat, a potluck in the garden of Eden, protective mothers who are terrible drivers, federal agents who pressure you to overshare personal details, relationship deal-breakers at the dinner table, that annoying day when everyone keeps telling you to "smile!", and a Jane Austen ball full of keg stands and techno music. And on top of this, you'll be treated to 6 ultra-short 'interludes' that are the delicious icing on our satirical cake. Who knows what toilet hijinks and sophomoric humor awaits?

After the screening there will be a talkback with director/writer Brenan Dwyer and cast and crew. The profits from this premiere go toward stipends for a dedicated group of 30 actors who made these sketches come to life. More information at www.pottytalkpdx.com

We also invite you to a premiere party at Ford Food + Drink the previous evening, September 13 at 7:00 p.m. featuring live stand-up comics and the first screening of these sketches. More information at www.pottytalkpdx.com



Sunday, September 15