POWFest: A Master’s Class with Catherine Hardwicke

Sunday, March 6 at 10:00am  |  $30 (Admission not included with POWFest Festival Pass)

POWFest Guest of Honor Catherine Hardwicke will take some time out of the hectic festival schedule to present an interactive discussion with POWFest attendees! Her career as a director has proven that it is possible to sustain a viable creative life in the film industry, and she will share her insights with you! Hardwicke's career spans from insightful, independent, original works like THIRTEEN to the blockbuster adaptation TWILIGHT—the latter making her the most commercially successful woman director. She is definitely a woman to take notes from, so come prepared with a pencil and your questions!

Catherine Hardwicke’s resume includes: director (MISS YOU ALREADY, TWILIGHT, LORDS OF DOGTOWN, THIRTEEN), screenwriter (THIRTEEN), and production designer (LAUREL CANYON, THREE KINGS, VANILLA SKY)!


Sunday, March 6