POWFest Shorts VI: POWGirls / Young Directors

Series: POW Film Fest

Sunday, March 15 at 3:00pm  |  $8  |

This program showcases the work of a talented group of future filmmakers, ages 18 and under. Among insightful documentaries, stories of love, and animation, we are proud to feature two films from the 2015 POWGirls–GREAT EXPECTATIONS and WORDS OF WISDOM. Appropriate for ages 10 and up. Q&A with attending filmmakers.

Asterisk (*) denotes director in attendance for post-program Q&A.

Behind The Scenes at POWGirls *
POWGirls 1 / Great Expectations * - Directed by POWGirls 2015
Object Head - Directed by Chloe Frank, Yasaman Ford, Stella Maselli, Scarlett Maselli & Gabriella Shaffer
Alice - Directed by Minjeong Jo
Dear Family - Directed by Sarah Lew
Society Today - Directed by Annika Campbell, Jayden Kael, Maya Condes, Jocelyn Hernandez
Tough Guise - Directed by Margaret Corn
Flawless - Directed by Clarissa Lam, Samantha Ceja, Charlotte Puscasiu, Norma Anaya, Jenna Tessler & Grace Charron
The Waiting Game - Directed by Maria Alvarez
Super Date - Directed by Sasha Fox
Home Cooking - Directed by Elizabeth Herrick
Lilly’s Big Day - Directed by Maezy, Medina & Zaiyah Dennie, and Berlin, Ocean& Sol Demuth
Filtered - Directed by Anna Morris, Mariah Papy, Sydney Torrens, Amy Struthers & Abigail Werner
Indecisions * - Directed by Hope Alexander
Speed Bumps - Directed by Abbey Sacks
Nikolai and the Butterfly * - Directed by Stephanie Delazeri
Connie - Directed by Abbey Sacks
POWGirls 2 / Words of Wisdom * - Directed by POWGirls 2015

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Sunday, March 15