Psychotronic After School Christmas Special

Series: Repressed Cinema

While the weather outside might be frightful, the PSYCHOTRONIC AFTER SCHOOL CHRISTMAS SPECIAL is soooo delightful!

Celebrate the oblong holidays with a handmade 16mm film program assembled from the collection of Portland film archivist Greg Hamilton. Featuring a 10-year old Seth Green, three aliens looking for the meaning of Christmas, and a squad of for-hire Santas, this collection of bizarre holiday films brings together the classroom film experience and pop culture with plenty of unintentionally funny moments and strangeness.

Featuring three special Christmas films:

A COSMIC CHRISTMAS (1977)–Following a star, three aliens land in a small town in search of the true meaning of Christmas amidst all the crass commercialism.  Full of bizarre characters and trippy animation, his dark little Christmas tale is truly out of this world!

CHRISTMAS: THE SEASON (1969)–Explore the wonders of Christmas in the City of Angels - featuring holiday parades, multi-colored tree lots and all of the Xmas commercialism you can stand.  A rarely screened documentary gem that must be seen!

CHARLIE'S CHRISTMAS SECRET (1984)–A ten-year-old newspaper carrier (played by Seth Green) meets various customers who struggle with everyday life. With Christmas coming up he comes up with a plan to try and make the holidays better for them.

Guest passes accepted.

Wheelchair accessible
Assistive Listening