Psychotronic After School Special Volume 2

Series: Repressed Cinema

School's out for summer, but the PSYCHOTRONIC AFTER SCHOOL SPECIAL is back in session with a collection of vintage TEEN SCARE films!

Whether it be reckless driving, drugs, or cigarette smoking, Volume 2 leads you through the perils of teen life with a handmade 16mm film program assembled from the collection of Portland film archivist Greg Hamilton. With performances from screen luminaries like Charlton Heston, Anthony Perkins, and the Green Slime, this collection of bizarre educational films, public service announcements, and advertisements splices together the classroom film experience and sets it loose with plenty of unintentionally funny moments and strangeness.

Featuring three special films:

BE SMART...DON'T START (1981) Before your light up, check out this cautionary educational film about the many evils of cigarette smoking.

LEADFOOT (1982) Classic driver's ed scare tactics at work here, as a teen with a new car discovers the tragically cheesy outcome of fast driving.

WASTED: A TRUE STORY (1983) Packed with strangely funny animations of real-life addiction, this true life confessional of a young addict is equal parts horror and humor.

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