Psychotronic After School Special

Series: Repressed Cinema

What do Orson Welles, processed food, bigomy, necromancy and pre-teen alcoholism all have in common? They've all been woven together to make PSYCHOTRONIC AFTER SCHOOL SPECIAL, a handmade 16mm program packed with AV gems from the 1970s and 80s. Assembled from the 16mm collection of Portland film archivist Greg Hamilton, this presentation borrows the best and worst his chaotic film library with a locally grown taste for the absurd. Focused on bizzare educational films, public service announcements and advertisements, this culture mash-up takes the classroom film experience and sets it loose with plenty of unintentionally funny moments and strangeness spliced together.

Featuring three special films:

FUTURE SHOCK (1973) Orson Welles hosts this documentary examination of a future gone wrong. Part dystopian omen, part educational film.

EAT DRINK AND BE WARY (1975) Shoppers, cooks, children and critics express their views on American eating habits and processed foods.

THE GLUG (1981) This classic '80s after-school special begins with a pre-teen beer-heist and subsequent drinking party, but ends with young Tony's dependency on on alcohol.

Assistive Listening