Punk City

Series: Re-Run Theater

An anarchic collection of clips, videos and TV appearances showcasing how pop culture perceived punk rock as it was taking America by storm in the late 70s and early 80s!

From rare appearances by Wendy O. Williams and Iggy Pop on the Tom Snyder Tomorrow Show to the CHiPs episode with the maniac punk to the episode where Quincy M.D. tries to thwart punkers from 'ruining their lives.'  From the thug punks that kept showing up in action films causing mayhem, to the sexy pop punk chicks with pink hair and pretty switchblades...we're throwing it all down into a rollercoaster ride of slam pits, liberty spikes, mohawks, faux hawks, atonal guitar solos and utter nihilism.

If you've ever thumbed through the book DESTROY ALL MOVIES...this is like "Destroy All Movies:  The Movie”!!

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