Quiet Heroes

Series: QDoc

This is part of QDoc 2018

QUIET HEROES tells the story of infectious disease specialist Dr. Kristen Ries and her partner (in both medicine and life) Maggie Snyder, who ran the only practice to care for HIV/AIDS patients in Utah.

In Salt Lake City, Utah, the religious monoculture severely complicated the AIDS crisis, where patients received no support from—or were cast into exile by—the political, religious, and medical communities. Further, Mormon culture encouraged gay men to marry women and have a family to cure themselves of their “affliction,” counsel which led to secret affairs and accidental marital transmissions of HIV. In the entire state and intermountain region there was only one doctor to serve all HIV/AIDS patients. This is the story of her fight to save the lives of a maligned population everyone else seemed willing to just let die.

Co-director/producer Jared Ruga and subjects Peter Christie and Beverly Stoddard in attendance.

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68 mins.
Wheelchair accessible
Assistive Listening
Jenny Mackenzie
QDoc-Quiet Heroes