Race to the Finish

This is part of Filmed By Bike 2017

 Over the years, Filmed by Bike has grown in so many ways. This year we received a record number of films so to celebrate our 15th Anniversary we added this additional program. This program features several local films and filmmakers will be in attendance.



2016 Gorge Roubaix | 3:08

Dronescape – Salem, Oregon

A grogeous glimpse of the 2016 Gorge Roubaix out of the Dalles, Oregon

Mantra | 8:55

Michael Berge – Burbank, California

A manic woman with a rigid set of principles will do anything to get to her destination on time.

Race Across America | 10:22

Lorenz Wetscher, Julian Leupold – Heilsbronn, Germany

This film follows eight German racers on their way to become the best European team in the world’s toughest bicycle races – a 5,000 mile grind across the USA.

Gentrification is Weird! – The Ride | 4:11

Sika Stanton, Austyn Farrell, Chris Serra – Portland, Oregon

A community bike ride connecting the lost city of Vanport, Oregon to Portland’s current state of gentrification. The ride takes it’s name  from a design produced by local clothing line Ignorant/Reflections.

Cycles | 6:24

Erin Kim – Los Angeles, California

A young cyclist tries to make peace with his younger brother who suffers from an unknown illness.

Erykah Badu: Black Bikes Matter | 10:29

Erykah Badu and City Bicycle Company – Sacramento, California

In collaboration with Dallas is Dallas and LABART Texas, City Bicycle Co. brought seven renowned Dallas artists to paint bikes. Erykah Badu was one of the artists and took a unique performance piece approach to the project incorporating the #blacklivesmatter movement.

Cycle | 15:24

Jovan Harmuth, Ian Nolan, Dustin Lange – Buraby, Canada

A father’s journey of reconciliation with his daughter.

Glady-ators Cross Crusades | 1:32

Amanda New – Portland, Oregon

The Glady-ators strut their stuff at race four of the Cross Crusade series in Cascade Locks, Oregon.

Hack Bike Derby | 11:03

The Bicycle Academy – Frome, England

17 talented frame builders race home hacked Klunkers over a rain and fire filled weekend in Somerset. The annual Hack Bike Derby event challenges bicycle makers to craft a bike fitting a theme, then race it over the course of two wild days in the woods. This year’s challenge was “Klunkers”, the original mountain bikes as raced from around 1976 in California.