Re-Run Theater: Battlestar Galactica

Re-Run Theater presents “The Gun on Ice Planet Zero”  A Battlestar Galactica adventure.

One of the most badass two part episodes of the original science fiction space war epic.  The writers basically made a combination of “The Guns of Navarone” and “The Dirty Dozen” and set it in the BSG universe.

As we all know, the human race has been all but wiped out by the robot race of Cylons. The last survivors are fleeing into uncharted space in a ragtag fleet of whatever spaceships are available, protected by the only remaining military starship not destroyed by the holocaust, relentlessly pursued by their eternal enemy.

The only hope is to land a small group of saboteurs on the perilous frozen world, scale the mountain where the Pulsar is perched, infiltrate the Cylon’s base and destroy the weapon from within. And the only humans left in the fleet capable of pulling off this mission are a group of murderers and cutthroats.

We are playing both Part 1 and 2 along with vintage commercials from the 1970s.  Get in the frigid mood of January and join us for a desperate battle on a planet colder than death.


Thursday, January 28