Re-Run Theater: Fast Dogs and Fancy Gadgets

Put on your jammies, grab some sugar drenched cereal and relive your childhood on a 50 foot movie screen!  Faster than a speeding roadrunner, the Saturday Morning Marathon returns February 16th with fast dogs and fancy gadgets.  Featuring two episodes where a certain coyote (which is a type of dog) will make slews of incredibly elaborate attempts to catch, kill and eat a certain ultra fast bird.  Then, Scatman Crothers plays the voice of a martial arts master mutt with a sidekick cat and a car that can turn into a helicopter.  Finally an inventor/adventurer genius and his partner Race will take his son Johnny, his friend Hadji and their dog Bandit on a dangerous quest to a tropical island terrorized by an invisible, energy draining monster.  The entire program comes complete with vintage commercial interruptions from the 60's, 70's and 80's.  Among the highlights:  A baby doll that spits up, a toy semi that knocks cop cars into ditches and a very important message from He-Man and She-Ra for America’s children.



Friday, February 17