Re-Run Theater: Fembots in Las Vegas

Re-Run Theater presents a two part 1977 episode from the series THE BIONIC WOMAN.

For those in need of a back story: After tennis pro Jaime Sommers (Lindsay Wagner) is critically injured in a skydiving accident, the scientists at the OSI, decide to rebuild her and make her better than she was…better, stronger, faster. She can run fast, jump high, lift heavy objects, punch through doors and hear acute sounds at great distances. Now she’s part time school teacher, part time agent of the OSI (Office of Scientific Intelligence).

This episode is a sequel to the iconic SIX MILLION DOLLAR MAN/BIONIC WOMAN crossover episode “Kill Oscar” from a year earlier that first introduced the evil Dr. Franklin and the Fembots, android assassins indistinguishable from the humans they are imitating. Now, Dr. Franklin’s son has created a new army of faster, more realistic Fembots and has them hanging out in Las Vegas. Why?  Because the Nevada test site and Nellis Air Force base are near by of course. And hiding out in one of the hotels is a scientist who is overseeing the launch of an orbiting laser satellite with the power to wipe out entire cities in a single blast!

Peppered throughout the show will be 70s era ads!


Thursday, March 31