Re-Run Theater: Girl Power

Back in the day, it wasn’t just a boy’s club on the boob tube.  The young women of America had their programming needs catered to as well.  With shows starring powerful female heroes peppered with toy commercials pushing physically correct baby dolls (!), fashion accessories and colorful, girlie cereal – there was plenty for the younger, fairer gender to latch onto.

Re-Run Theater presents Girl Power, a celebration of this odd chapter in Womyn’s herstory. Showcasing a menagerie of the flashiest, coolest and most bizarre moments in female children’s-centric entertainment.  We will feature one episode each from three decades:  Josie and the Pussycats in Outer Space from the 60's (on glorious 16mm), the OTHER awesome girl rock band Jem and the Holograms from the 80's and a VERY RARE episode of the live action 1970s Wonder Woman starring the incredible Miss America herself Lynda Carter, and guest starring teen heart throb Leif Garret. Presented on 16mm film.

So come on down!  You know the drill:  Jump into your Underoos, pour a bowl of Rainbow Brite cereal and a glass of wine and relive your childhood in the comfort of your favorite theater!



Tuesday, March 11