Re-Run Theater: Hippies in Space

Re Run Theater presents episodes of two classic spacefaring series from the 60s and 70s about how long haired New Age freaks and psychedelia would continue on far into the future and across the Universe.

In our featured Star Trek episode “The Way to Eden”, a cult of groovy, far out fanatics lead by the eccentric Dr. Severin hijack the Starship Enterprise so that they can hitch a ride to the mythical planet EDEN. Their secret weapon is good vibes and music, man, and the ability to blow the crew’s minds. Featuring an out of this world jam with special guest Mr. Spock on the Vulcan harp.

Then, from the mid seventies, it’s the somewhat somber SPACE: 1999 where a giant explosion on the far side of the moon has sent it hurtling through intergalactic space at incredible speeds. This Episode: “Guardian of Piri”. Moonbase Alpha encounters a planet of sinister beauty overseen by an immortal priestess. The psychedelic world is like a giant LSD trip, hypnotizing the Alphans into a narcotic trance. Can Commander Koenig counter act its effects before everyone on the base decides to permanently turn on and drop out?

Crazy psychedelic and vintage ads from the 60s and 70s will be played during the commercial breaks. Dig it!


Thursday, September 29