Re-Run Theater: Knight Rider

Re-Run Theater presents “Knight Rider: Goliath” the feature length second season premiere of the hit mid-eighties action TV series.

It’s Hasseflhoff vs. Hasselhoff! Super Sports Car vs. Super Semi Truck!

Before “Baywatch” and his musical career, David Hasselhoff was Michael Knight, a high-tech modern crime fighter assisted by KITT, an advanced, artificially intelligent, self aware and nearly indestructible car.

In this episode, David Hasselhoff also portrays the evil Garthe Knight. He has returned from Africa where he had been imprisoned after striking an alliance with a ruthless dictator. He and his mother Elizabeth manage to steal the formula to KITT’s Molecular Bonded Shell and apply it to a monster truck he calls Goliath. Garthe then sets out to destroy Michael Knight, the man he feels his father gave everything to that was rightfully his.

Also featuring 80s era (and often fast car themed) commercials and music videos before and during the show!


Thursday, September 1