Re-Run Theater: Miami Vice

Re-Run Theater presents the “Miami Vice” episode that challenged many boundaries previously uncrossable on network TV, the second season premiere titled “The Prodigal Son.”

Guest-starring Pam Grier, Gene Simmons, and Penn Gillette, this is the one where Crockett (Don Johnson) and Tubbs (Philip Michael Thomas) travel to gritty New York City.  It’s part SCARFACE, part FRENCH CONNECTION, and all ’80s pastels and neon. Featuring: electric shock torture in the jungles of Colombia, elevator shootouts, piles of cocaine, and one of the hottest sex scenes ever to grace the small screen between Tubbs and Pam Grier, set to the music of Phil Collins.

Dress in your most outlandish ’80s or tropical attire and grab yourself a wine cooler because YES, we will be serving them.


Thursday, July 30