Re-Run Theater: TV Knows Best

Re-Run Theater pays tribute to one of our National Treasures:  The Children’s Television Worskshop and other forms of Educational TV.   It’s the third in our TV KNOWS BEST series…BACK TO SCHOOL EDITION!

So although school is back in session, and the days are getting shorter and colder, that doesn’t mean learning can’t be fun for everyone in the family.  That’s why geniuses like Jim Henson, Bill Cosby and Fred Rogers realized that if a giant bird or a counting vampire or Spider Man were teaching kids about grammar, math and the basic mechanics of the real world, children would be far more interested in paying attention.  Take it all and make a catchy tune out of it and suddenly an educational jingle gets stuck in a young child’s mind:  They know that three is a magic number, that TION is pronounced ‘shun’ and even get an inkling of how the political process works.

So here it is:  Another mad cap marathon of some of our favorite songs and moments from the last 30 years of Educational Television…naturally we’ll be sticking mostly with the 70s and 80s as is our style…clips from SESAME STREET, SCHOOLHOUSE ROCK, MR. ROGERS NEIGHBORHOOD, the Canadian life lessons program INSIDE OUT and the rarely seen, incredibly whacky PRYOR’S PLACE (yes, Richard Pryor had a short lived kids show) and of course plenty from our personal favorite:  THE ELECTRIC COMPANY starring Morgan Freeman, Rita Moreno, Bill Cosby, the voices of Gene Wilder and our beloved recently departed Joan Rivers.

So let’s turn on the power, find our way to Sesame Street and the Land of Make Believe, unpack our Adjectives and shout out loud this fundamental, undeniable truth:  KNOWLEDGE IS POWER!


Saturday, September 27