Re-Run Theater: Woman Power

Re Run Theater presents WOMAN POWER.  A big screen double feature dedicated to two of the best shows depicting tough, crime fighting women of the 1970s.

Our opening act is the incomparable Angie Dickinson as POLICE WOMAN. One of the grittiest 70s TV shows ever. A woman this tough, TV had not yet seen. We are playing the episode “End Game” about a brutal bank robbery gone very bad.

Finally, we at Re Run like to pride ourselves in giving you the very best, so here at last is the original CHARLIE’S ANGELS line up (Farrah Fawcett, Jacqueline Smith, Kate Jackson) and their magnum opus “Angels in Chains”, the women in prison episode that kept hitting the number one ratings spot, even in repeat showings.

As always, there will be commercial breaks featuring thematically targeted vintage ads. We’ll be focusing on how 70s advertisers took advantage of this newly empowered, liberated woman audience.


Tuesday, March 17