Rebel Craft Rumble presented by SCRAP

Mash-up the Mad Max upcycling aesthetic with the gruelingly hilarious face-off of “Iron Chef,” add some of that quirky “Portlandia” flair, and you’ve got SCRAP’s annual Rebel Craft Rumble. Four pre-qualified contestants will compete in dramatic timed face-offs in front of a live audience to earn the title of Portland’s Craft Master. Crafty competitors will have a random selection of reused materials serving as the only weapons in their holster. The goal: turn waste into “Wow!”

As SCRAP’s annual community event and fundraiser, Rebel Craft Rumble takes a passion for creative reuse and combines it with the full-bodied flavor of SCRAP’s customers themselves, many of who are reuse artists or renegade crafters. The 21 and over audience is encouraged to don their most distracting outfits for the rumble, and heckle competitors and judges. An official event of ReuseConex, this crafty affair presents an exclusive opportunity for SCRAP shoppers, volunteers, supporters, and fans to bear witness to a full-fledged DIY brawl, win raffle prizes, and get excited about the creativity that reuse inspires.



Friday, October 19